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Wheel Lug Bolts

$ 4.50
Part # 88.00.12B.27

NEUSPEED Wheel lug bolts, are stronger than factory parts with 10.9-grade tensile strength.

Made in Italy by TUV and ISO-certified manufacturer.  SOLD EACH

Audi and Volkswagen Bolts
Thread: ø14mm x 1.5
Lug Seat: R13 Ball
Stud Length: 30mm (Clear Zinc), 27mm or 32mm (Black Zinc)
Overall Length: 48mm (Clear Zinc), 45mm or 50mm (Black Zinc)
Hex Size: 17mm


MINI Bolts
Thread: ø14mm x 1.25
Lug Seat: 60˚ Conical/Taper
Stud Length: 27mm
Overall Length: 48mm
Hex Size: 17mm
Finish: Black Zinc